Monday, January 2, 2012

Ribbon Pomander

 Here is what you'll need:
* Different widths of ribbon in different colors
* Styrofoam ball
* Stick pins

Cut your ribbon into 4 inch strips. I cut 10 strips of each color just to get started.

Now to get them ready to pin to your Styrofoam ball, you have to twist each piece of 4 inch ribbon into a circle.

Next, using your stick pins attach the ribbon (that's still in the circle you formed) to the Styrofoam ball. Where I found this I saw she used one stick pin, when I used one stick pin the ribbon moved around too much and sometimes became misshaped. I recommend using 2 - 3 stick pins to really keep your ribbon secure to the spot you want it.

Then keep twisting and pinning!

Maybe watch your favorite TV show while you do this...

Just keep alternating your ribbon. You can really use any size ribbon or texture.

Ta-Da! You could find some way to hang them from a ceiling, or sit them on top of upside down wine glasses for centerpieces.

This one is DEFINITELY a pin!

Here is the original I found on Pinterest:


  1. This would be so cute for wedding, bridal shower or baby shower decorations!

  2. I know! How cute would a bunch of these be with some lights around them on a table! Or hanging from a ceiling above a reception? I love this idea!

  3. Great tips! Thanks!