Sunday, January 19, 2014

Garland Wreath

As I was wandering around a famous crafting store the other day I noticed a gorgeous wreath... then I started in HORROR at the price!! $49 for a wreath made with just a few simple materials! Needless to say I walked quickly around the store to see if it was actually worth the $49 price tag.

Here is the wreath under investigation. 

I found the garland ($5.99), I found the ribbon ($3.99), I found the corsage pins ($2.99) and lastly found the Styrofoam wreath ($3.99) PLUS if your a teacher at this store you can use a Teacher Discount! 
My grand total was around  $15. 

Here is my version:

I also bought materials to make a St. Patrick's day one! So I thought I'd show you how to quickly and cheaply make this super cute wreath!

You'll need:

1 12in. garland (I use green so that it's softer for the pins to go into)
A handful of corsage pins (I used the ones with the oval tops)
Fun shiny garland (Both mine were 9ft. long)
Ribbon to make a bow (Meme made both my bows!)

To start your wreath you'll want to make sure your garland is secure, so I just pushed in one of the corsage pins through the garland into the wreath. **FYI: DO NOT PUT PIN STRAIGHT IN, IT'LL GO THROUGH THE WREATH... YOU HAVE TO PUSH PINS IN AT AN ANGLE**

 Then just start wrapping your garland around and around the wreath, making sure you are pulling it TIGHT and securing the garland every 2/3 wraps. When pushing the pins in you need to make sure you're catching the garland so that it actually stays onto the wreath. It'll take a few times to catch it onto the wreath.

Hope this helps!! If you have any questions just leave me a comment and I'll try to answer it as best as I can!!