Thursday, March 15, 2012

Easter Cupcake Cups Topiary

Spring Break! Yay! Here is a cute little Easter topiary for you Easter table!

What you'll need: 
* Hot gun/glue
* Paint
*5/16 x 36 dowel ( I cut mine into 8 inch sticks)
* two 3in. Styrofoam balls 
*2 1/2 inch cupcake cups (I bought packs of 36 and used about 5 packs. Luckily they each cost less than a dollar!)
* cup/can
* Filler of your choice. (Easter grass/gemstones/shredded color paper)

To cut my dowel into 8 inch sticks I just cut around and around with a pair of scissors, then it made it easy to just snap in half! MUCH easier than any other method I could think of! Next, I painted my sticks white.

THEN I pushed the 8 inch stick into the Styrofoam ball about one inch. After I had made the hole I took the dowel out and put a lot of hot glue on it, then I replaced the stick into the hole I just made and pushed hard. These made sure the stick was really secure in the hole and wouldn't come out while I was putting the cupcake cups on it.

I feel like these cupcake cups are sad they aren't going to get to hold a delicious treat! It is way easier to go ahead and lay out as many cupcake cups as possible before you start. That way you can grab, glue and place a lot faster!

Using another dowel I had, I pushed the cupcake cup onto the flat side of the dowel and put a spot of hot glue onto the cupcake cup. 

Then I quickly pushed it onto the Styrofoam ball. I didn't keep the ball there between my knees while I was putting the cupcake cup onto it, that was just for picture purposes. I had to actually hold the Styrofoam ball with my hand to make sure that I securely put the cupcake cup onto the Styrofoam ball. 

Looks like a dress!
It's growing!
Yay! I'm getting there!!
So close!!!
Pushing the final cupcake cup onto my Styrofoam ball! YES! 

Next, I placed the other half of my 8 inch stick into another same sized Styrofoam ball, THEN I got lucky. I figured out the cupcake cup plastic container fit the other Styrofoam ball in it perfectly! 

Then I just placed the cup into the metal bucket! I saw other people using Easter grass or shredded paper to hid this part that sits inside the bucket, but I didn't have those things.. so I just used my leftover gemstones to  hide all that. They also kept everything pretty sturdy in place in the bucket so nothing tipped over.

Whale and Ladybug are so impressed! I added two ribbons around my 8 inch stick

oOo I love pastels!

This one is DEFINITELY a pin! 

** Plus, you can do it for any holiday with any colored cupcake cups, just use different colors!!! **

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