Thursday, May 10, 2012

Decopodged Canvas

Student teaching is over and I graduate in 2 days! Now I have all summer to bring you all sorts of fun crafts that I find on Pinterest! On a whim I decided to make something super cute that I found on Pinterest. 

What you'll need: 

*Random scraps of paper
*Ink pad and sponge 
*Mod Podge
*Black paint and brushes 
*Wooden letters

First, cut up the paper into different square shapes. I used my slicer so I'd get cleaner and straighter edges!

Now the hard part... deciding where all the papers will go on  your canvas!

Once I found where I wanted all my pieces to go, I started to ink all the sides of my papers. This took a while and my fingers got very black! But the effect it has when it's finished is WELL worth it!! 

Next, I painted the sides of my canvas black (you can do whatever color you want but since my ink was black I decided to just paint the sides of my canvas black as well!)

Then I started to modpodge all my pieces down. I just painted on modpodge on the back of all the pieces of paper and laid them down on the canvas. I also did not put modpodge over the papers when I was finished because I wasn't sure how that would have turned out. 

Now that all my pieces are cut, inked and mod podged down... I'm going to add my "brand" to the top. 

 I bought some medium sized wooden letters at Hobby Lobby (only $1.99 plus 40% off! Yeah!) Then I painted them black, after they were dry I sprayed over them with a clear high gloss :)

I glued the wooden letters down with E-6000. Make SURE you let the letters set before you hang it on the wall.. or they'll slowly slide down and fall off! It happened to me but luckily I was able to catch the letter before it messed up anything! Let them dry about 24 hours before hanging it up! 

I added some little wooden crosses in the top left corner to add a lil something extra to my canvas. :)

This one is DEFINITELY a pin! 

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