Monday, July 23, 2012

String Balls - Failed

Want to see something absolutely beautiful?? 
Aren't they beautiful?! Ugh. So gorgeous.. almost unbelievable actually!

Well guess what... they are unbelievable because here's my attempt at a string ball ----->

I was shown this awesome centerpiece idea for a wedding and was asked to try to recreate it. 

I was thinking to myself, this will be the easiest crafting craft I've ever done! Things started off bad to begin with. I had all my supplies... balloons, string and fabric stiffener (which is almost impossible to find, I finally found it at Walmart and it was overpriced!) 

I blew up my balloon and started to wrap it with string, since this was a very difficult task because the string kept slipping off, I couldn't take any pictures. The string was falling off, becoming untight and just overall being difficult. This is what it looked like before I sprayed it. As you can clearly see the string is loose, I thought that maybe it wouldn't matter and would just add to the artistic element of the ball when it was finished. HA. 

Once I got enough string on, I took my stringy ball outside so I could spray it. 

After it had dried for about 6 hours, I brought it inside and popped the balloon. 

Do I need to say anymore? I think the pictures basically speak for themselves. Attempt 1: Failed. I really hope my failure at crafts isn't a repeating process for much longer because I am getting very frustrated!

Duke mocking me. How rude. 


  1. We've done this before! Only instead of fabric stiffener, we just used Elmer's glue. Mix it with some water, put the string in the mixture, then wrap the balloon with the wet strings.

  2. Thank you for the tip! I'll be redoing this later today using the Elmer's glue/water mix! :) I'll let you know how things go!

  3. i've seen pictures of those around too and thought it'd be a way easy craft--it's crazy how misleading pinterest projects can be ;). Good luck figuring it out! They certainly do make beautiful wedding centerpieces!

  4. I have done this with sugar syrup and crochet cotton to make string Easter Eggs. They are somewhat fragile (lasted about 2 Easters) but very pretty, with a small styro mound with a cardboard cross inside and little sign on a toothpick, saying "He is risen!" The opening can be cut with scissors and trimmed with beads or rick rack. Definitely hang the balloon to dry where it won't be disturbed overnight or longer.

  5. The Elmers glue works great. Also try blowing a slight bit more air into the balloon after you have placed the strings, before it dries, then retie the balloon. This requires you to first tie the balloon in an "un-tie-able" fasion. It's tricky, but it really helps make a nice shape.