Saturday, December 29, 2012

An explanation and Glittered Up Buck

Hiiiii.... :D

I know I've been away for a LONG time, but a funny little thing called life (long term sub job) came up and I jumped at the opportunity!

I haven't had a chance to be crafty in a long time and the lack of glitter in my life has started to take a toll on me! I did a QUICK craft the other day and I thought I'd share. Sorry no pretty pictures but I promise I'll be back on the picture taking soon!

Basically, I saw a picture on Pinterest of a lady who traced this onto a white canvas and then filled it with glitter. Well, I took it a step further and painted my canvas a dark brown THEN traced the deer's head on it.

I do have to recommend you add the (Elmer's) glue and glitter in little sections at a time. I used a Q-tip to spread the glue around small parts then add some glitter, press down lightly with a finger and wait a few seconds, then shake off the glitter and repeat until you finished the whole outline. :)

Simple. AND. fun.

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