Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pre-Classroom Ideas

Hello internets!

I hope to be getting my own classroom in the future and I have begun the daunty task of getting things organized.

My room will be in greens and blues.

I have bought several LARGE storage tubs and organized them by categories such as: Math, Language Arts, Odds N' Ends and Holiday Decor. I downloaded the CUTEST labels from Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera , which you can buy here.  She was even kind enough to make them bigger to fit my tubs! I plan on storing the tubs like this from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits.

Next, I plan on making a teacher's toolbox. Like this:
 I used the zebra design from Miss. Nelson's pack because I bought this zebra designed Teacher Toolbox labels a while back. Even though the stripes are black and not white, I will NOT let my O.C.D. get the better of me. (That was a ramble!)
I also want to figure out how to make my paper fit to make one of these. I want to do it in solid green with blue letters.
Pretty much passed all that craziness... I don't know what to do. So I'm seeking your advice.
 Any suggestions on organization, themes, management tips.. ANYTHING!
Also, where in the WORLD do I find all those cutesy backgrounds that everyone uses on their blogs, or even uses to create cute labels to use around their rooms? That is a very important question because I have searched to the end of Google and back and still can't come up with that answer.
.....Hello internets please help!
- S-Jean-S

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  1. I have the same container as the "Need to Grade, Graded, & To Copy" but for student work. I have them labeled "AM" for my morning class, "Absent" for any students who miss a day during the week, and "PM" for my afternoon class. It makes keeping the students' work easy to organize. It is also easily accessible to the students. Next year I think I will buy a taller storage system similar to the three drawer container. I would use this to store papers that need to be distributed to students each day and label them “Monday-Friday, Homework, & Extras”. I find that the amount of paper I have to pass out often becomes a mess and I’m panicking to find papers. I hope this helps!