Monday, December 19, 2011

Glittery Ornaments using Mod Podge

While browsing Pinterest.. I noticed beautiful glass ornaments people had made mixing Mop N Glo and glitter, mixed together on the INSIDE. How perfect I thought.. the glitter won't be falling off all over the place plus it'll last through the attic during the off season. So that was what I was going to present to y'all tonight. Well, after going to Hobby Lobby and Kroger, I had forgotten my Mop N Glo. I didn't want to disappoint so I thought I would sub out the Mop N Glo for Mod Podge. Here is what I got.

What you need:
  • Glass ornaments (They are currently half off at Hobby Lobby!)
  • Baggie (cut the end and poor your glitter through there. I didn't need to but just in case!)
  • Glitter
  • Mod Podge (maybe..)

So I took the top off my ornament and poured in my mod podge. (Actually my mom poured it in and I took a picture :) )

Then we shook it all around until the inside of the ball was evenly covered.

If there is a little excess mod podge inside, you can pour it back into the bottle. That was what was recommended with the Mop N Glo version too.

Now time to pour the glitter in!

Shake it all about until all that glitter is evenly coated inside your ball!

Annnnnd this is what it'll look like:

It's safe to say these did not turn out as beautiful as the Mop N Glo version. So, tomorrow I am going to retry this but with the Mop N Glo. I don't like this verison at all, the mod podge is all chunky on the inside, it took forever to evenly coat the inside with both the mod podge and glitter. I'm giving this a thumbs down.

This made me CRINGE!!


  1. You may not like them, but I think they look rather cool. Works for me, I'll take them!!! Meme

  2. I prefer the Mop N Glo version over the Mod Podge version! You can have the Mod Podge version ones if you'd like! LOL.