Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Scarf Hanger Hanger

This is a simple and quick way to organize your scarves for the wintery cold season!

I did have my scarves hanging like this..

...which was not working. They were all crammed on there and got tangled and sometimes I would have to take all the scarves off just to get to the one I wanted on the bottom of the hook.

So then I came across the idea on Pinterest of putting cheap shower curtain rings on a hanger and looping your scarves through the shower curtain rings.

At first I was excited, I had done something so cheap and simple to fix my scarf problem. Then I noticed the bowing in the middle of my hanger. I thought maybe it would be OK, but after a while the bowing got worse and I was afraid my hanger was going to break from the weight of all my scarves. Also, every time I tried to take a scarf off or even touch the hanger all the scarves would slide to one side of the hanger and bunch all up. I was pretty frustrated that this brilliant idea wasn't working right.

I went back to my closet for one last check of my hangers to see if I had a more durable one. Then I saw it... a hanger from the cleaners...

Not only is this hanger more durable, it also has some sort of sticky residue on it to keep your clothes from slipping off, this residue helped keep all the shower curtain rings from slipping around when they were on the hanger. I knew this was the solution to my problem! So I took all the shower curtain rings off my plastic hanger and placed them on my dry cleaners hanger.

Now it was time to get all those scarves off that silly hook.

This one is DEFINITELY a pin!
(Except don't use a plastic hanger -- go to your local dry cleaners and obtain a wire hanger with cardboard! )


  1. This works well with necklaces on your towel rack in your bathroom too. I did it recently and it's so much better than having them tangled up hanging in my small jewelry box! As for my scarves I was having the same problem but my mom bought me a special scarf hanger. I was gonna share photos of both on here but there isn't a place to do it

  2. That's a great idea for the necklaces! Send me an email with the photos I'd love to see them! samanthajstory@gmail.com.

    (I don't think users can post pictures on the comment section but I am working on figuring it all out!) :)