Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mod podging wooden letters with tissue paper

Ok folks. I thought I would pick something easy to do today since I have to go to a kindergarten Christmas party at 2:30pm.

I saw this beautiful idea the other day:
So I went out and bought my letters and some light blue and gold tissue paper. I was ready to begin, I even thought I could hot glue some rhinestones on these babies and really make them shine. Here are the supplies I gathered at the beginning of my project:
  • Mod Podge
  • Brushes
  • Wooden letters
  • Light blue and gold tissue paper
  • Hot glue gun & glue
  • Rhinestones
  • Glitter
Along my journey into this I realized I needed a X-Acto knife, so make sure you grab one of those before getting started.

First I measured how much tissue paper I would need. This all depends on the size of your wooden letter. For mine I was able to cut one sheet of tissue paper into fourths and each sheet perfectly covered one letter.

Then I painted the entire base of my letter with Mod Podge.

Then gently place your pre-cut piece on the wooden letter. You may have to smooth it out, to do this gently pat the tissue paper with the palm of your hand or finger tips. Pat lightly or the tissue paper may stick to you and come up off the letter.

After you've done all your letters let them dry for about 30 minutes.

Now using your X-Acto knife, use an up and down motion to remove the tissue paper from the letters. If you pull the knife it tends to rip the paper off the top.

Now you should have something like this. I put two layers of tissue paper over my letters to it showed up more but you can just do one layer if you feel like that is enough.

Now.. I had read that she Mod Podged the tissue paper along the sides. I was kind of hesitant about this because my letters have all the small nooks and crannies but I thought I'd give it a shot.

 It did not turned out as planned. Instead I ended up with a sticky mess and the sides of my first 'S' looking nasty. So I didn't continue this for the other two letters, instead if there was any blue hanging over on my sides I just painted over it with a small brush and white paint. Here's what my 'S' was looking like:

This was starting to take way longer than expected so I had to drop the idea of the rhinestones and hot glue ( :( ) instead.. I thought I'd just put glitter all over all the letters! Who doesn't love glitter?!

So I Mod Podged back over all the letters one at a time and sprinkled glitter until they were evenly coated.

My conclusion on this project is, I think instead of tissue paper it would be much easier to use scrapbook paper because if your hand is wet from the Mod Podge and you touch an area of the tissue paper it will come RIGHT up. It also rips very easily when you are trying to get the excess tissue off the sides.

So even though I did eventually finish this project, after almost 2 hours, I would recommend scrapbook paper instead of the tissue paper.

This one is cringe worthy, but can be fixed by changing the paper!

Tomorrow: Wine bottle with gemstones & twinkle lights!

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