Monday, May 14, 2012

Easy way to hang pictures

Here's another quick post! I bought some really neat antique letters the other day at Hobby Lobby for half off and wanted to hang them above my bedroom window. Problem was... how to get 7 pictures hung up evenly on a wall with proper spacing?

The answer? WAX PAPER!!

First lay down what you want to put up on the wall EXACTLY how you want it... except upside down. 

Lay your wax paper out on top of the pictures and then you can either: 
A) trace the exact dimensions of the pictures
B) just poke holes where the nail would go... which is what I did because I didn't have time to trace.  

Next measure where you want your pictures to go and tape the wax paper to the wall. 

Now if you're lucky.. you can have someone hammer in the nails for you while you take pictures :p 
Thanks dad!

Almost done hammering!

Now rip off the wax paper!!! It's time to hang your pictures!!!!

Huge thanks to my dad!


Do you know where this quote is from?? 

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