Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mason Jar Candles

Tomorrow I am graduating from Sam Houston State University! So I am getting ready for my party tomorrow and I wanted to show y'all a quick table decorating idea. I have seen various ways to do this on Pinterest but I just used some of the staples I have in my crafting drawerS!

What I used:

*Mason Jars
*Letters cut from my Cricut
*Hot glue
*floating candles
*clear rocks

Alrighty folks! This one is simple.

First, tie your ribbons (or have your WONDERFUL Meme tie them for you) around your mason jars. Make sure they are nice and snug or they'll slip down your mason jar!

Next, glue a big  rhinestone in the middle of the knot of the bow (thank you Tabitha for that awesome idea!)

Then glue some more rhinestones at the bottom of the ribbon! (First you have to sort through a multi-colored pack.. again thank you Tabitha for picking out all the oranges and blues!)

You can be done at this point. BUT if you are fortunate like me and have a Cricut, you can cut out letters! For a wedding I'd just cut out the first letter of the last name, or maybe spell out the whole name for a centerpiece at the cake table. I just did the initials of my college - SHSU. On the Cricut cartridge Plantin Schoolbook I cut out the SHSU in 3 3/4 inches. Then, I cut them out again except this time I used the SHADOW setting and cut out the same letters in the same inches. When they were all cut out I glued the first set (I call it the skinny set) of letters onto the shadowed letters. USE CLEAR GLUE. Then I just hot glued those babies on 4 of my mason jars. Make sure after you hot glue them to the jar that you hold them down for a minute or they'll pop off!

The letters before I glued them to the jars. See how the blue (shadowed letters) are peaking out underneath the (skinny) letters? 

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