Saturday, May 19, 2012

IronMan 2012 - The Woodlands, Texas

Today was IronMan 2012 for the Woodlands, Texas... and boy talk about an experience! I still have an adrenaline rush from it and I didn't even compete!

Early this morning the racers started off with a 2.4 mile swim then a 112 mile bike ride ending with a 26.2 mile run. These guys are obviously VERY fit and trained for this!

Well, lucky me, part of the bike route was coming right past my house! I was so excited the night before thinking about sitting out on the lawn yelling and cheering these amazing men and women on! So at 7:15am I was out in the truck of my SUV waiting... and almost like clock work here they came! I am very sad to say I missed taking a picture of the lead keeper truck with the two guys that were in the lead.. BUT I did get some fantastic pictures that I am very excited to share!!! (all taken with my new Iphone at that!)

^^ This is one of my favorite pictures!^^

And now on to the finish line....

This would be Jordan Rapp the 2012 IronMan Texas Champion (8:10:44)!!!!! This guy got a second chance at life after a near fatal hit and run in March of 2010. 

Justin Daerr finished in second with 8:22:15!

The women's champion Mary Beth Ellis with a course record of 8:54:58!
Mary Beth Ellis won her third IronMan title with Jordan Rapp at the 2011 IronMan Canada!

Caitlin Snow was the second woman to run across the finish line with 9:01:32!

One of the best parts of the race was when two brothers came up to the finish line and did a full on SPRINT to race each other to the finish... 

You can see the determination in their faces!!!!

The brother in the blue beat his brother by two steps!!!

While standing around cheering for strangers... we made a sweet friend from Ontario, Canada who was here to watch her husband finish. She had been watching him all day.. and knew exactly where he should be at what exact time for each transition. You could tell she was very dedicated to him being in the IronMan. I got some amazing shots of her with their son watching their dad come in #16 at 9:46:40!

All and all.. today was a very touching experience and next year I will be volunteering! Hope you enjoy the pictures! :)

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