Monday, December 12, 2011

Ornaments on a tension rod

My first project I thought I'd try to tackle is this:

Ornaments hanging from a tension rod. 

(I first saw this posted on Pinterest but was able to track it down to here:

At first I wasn't sure where I was going to put this, since my blinds stick out too far in the windows. I decided to try this instead in the archway that divides my room.

I went to Target and bought a simple tension rod for $4.00. I also bought garland with tinsel for about $3.00. I also had red ribbon at home that was about 3/8 inch, this works better so it can fit through the top of the ornament.

I put the tension rod up first and got it very secure. Then I started to wind my garland around and around the tension rod. I then realized my garland was going to be WAY too long, so I took it all off (my poor arms!) and I cut it in half. Then I started wrapping it around the tension rod again. This time it worked perfectly.

Next I tied one half of the ribbon to a ornament hook and looped the bottom of the hook around the knot I made. Then I hung the other end of the hook on the garland. Next, I stood under the ornament to make sure I wouldn't hit my head if I walked under it. I picked a length and cut the ribbon and tied that end to the ornament.

I did this each time for each ornament, except I varied the length each time. When I was finally done I found some battery powered lights I bought at Walgreens last year and wrapped those around the garland. Ta-Da!

**Edit: 12/13/2011**
I decided to do another one in our front entrance!!

Since these ornaments were a little bigger I had to hang them differently.

Instead of tying knots I was able to push the ornament hook through the ribbon. Then I looped it through the string hanging from the ornament and back up to the hook which I pushed through the ribbon again to make a big circle.

And then hooked up on the garland at the top!

This one is (STILL) DEFINITELY a pin!

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